Vikings; discovered new lands full of mystery, danger and riches: NORTHGARD

Northgard is a strategy video game developed by Shiro Games. As its name suggests, it is heavily influenced by Norse mythology. People who appreciate Norse mythology will enjoy this video game because of its story and its general relation with Norse mythology. It’s also popular due to its well-designed graphics.

When did Northgard debut?

The PC version of Northgard was the first to be released. It was launched in early access on Steam in February 2017, and it was officially released in March 2018. Console versions for Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation were released later that same year.

When did Northgard debut

Northgard story

Northgard features a pleasant yet a straightforward plot. Because the story isn’t overly complex, players won’t have to exert too much effort to learn and comprehend it. Also ,t his game is exactly excellent for you if you are the type of person who likes to jump right into the game without wasting time with the story. Don’t ever be hesitant to begin playing Northgard.

Northgard story

Aside from that, don’t assume that the story’s mythological elements were completely eliminated by the developers. They did an excellent job of balancing the game’s story for both story fans and those who don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what’s going on. Both single player and multiplayer modes are available in the game. The single-player part of the game is fairly brief, and the majority of those that purchase it do so to play the multiplayer version of the game.

Both single player and multiplayer modes are available in the game. The single-player part of the game is fairly brief, and the majority of those that purchase it do so to play the multiplayer version of the game. Even though you bought the game to play the multiplayer version, we recommend that you play the single player version first. You will get a taste of the game’s tale, which is rich in Norse mythology, as well as learn the game mechanics, if you follow our advice.

Northgard Characters

Because Northgard isn’t a game about characters, there isn’t a lot of information about them. But, as far as we know, let’s have a look at them.

Brand: He is the Stag Clan’s bannerman. He exists purely and battles for his dignity.

Svarn: The Boar Clan rebels’ spiritual leader, Svarn, is a sage and a warrior who lives a modest life close to Nature and according to the Old Ways of his people.

Egil: A fierce and rash young bladestorm, the Wolf Clan’s bannerman, is largely in it for the chaos.

Eitria: A talented crafter, she prefers to concentrate on clan leadership and only uses the pickaxe to relieve stress.

Hagen: The Raven Clan’s sinister commander and assassin of your father. He is fierce and merciless, yet when things go wrong, he becomes frightened.

Halvard: The Goat Clan’s senior bannerman, Halvard, is a wise very kind man dedicated to his people’s welfare.

Hvedrung: The Boar Clan’s mysterious chief, hellbent on bringing Ragnarök to pass. The Runes had predicted his behavior in some way. Some speculate that he isn’t a mere mortal.

Northgard system requirements

Despite the fact that Northgard is a really nice-looking game in terms of graphics, practically anyone can play it with their current system specs. We’ll provide the game’s minimum system requirements here so you can compare your PC specs to them. As a result, you can determine whether or not your PC is capable of running this game.

Northgard system requirements

Memory 1 GB
Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 5750
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867
File Size 1 GB
OS Windows Vista or better

Some bugs of Northgard

Northgard’s developers did an excellent job of resolving the game’s bugs. However, there were a few bugs that had a negative impact on the game. Here are some:

  • There was a problem that prevented players from beginning Chapter 6.
  • Following the July 2021 patch, certain systems had significant performance difficulties.
  • There was a bug that prevented players from rejoining the game after disconnecting due to connectivity issues.
  • The last significant flaw was that really huge shipwrecks prevented players from constructing sea-related structures since they took up too much space.

Some bugs of Northgard

We highly recommend that you give this video game a chance. You’ll love it!