MSI MAG A650BN Power Supply Review

When we buy a computer, we all may think that every computer component is important, and they should be in compliance each other. MAG A650BN is here for this. Indeed, it is correct. For example, we have a graphic card, but it is not qualified to work with playing along with our CPU. If it is so, we cannot get efficiency from our computer. Namely, when we play a video game, there will be fps drops because of this. It is called bottleneck. It is just a simple example, and it is known by many people who use computer to play video games. Nonetheless, we have said that every computer part is important, but we have not talked about the most important one. The most important component is power supply as every part of computers is attached to it from GPU to RAM. It turns normal current to current that is proper for computers. If PSU cannot do them, your graphic card or your processer do not work efficiently So, it effects performance of computers directly. If we need to get PSU, we should consider that MSI is one of the best brands producing PSU. It produces MAG A650 BN, and we will check on MAG A650 BN, its test, and its price.

MAG A650BN Review

When we use computer, we want to feel safe. MAG A650 BN is created for us. It supplies us with effect current and safe. It has 80 PLUS BRONZE certificate. A PSU with 80 PLUS BRONZE certificate ensures lower energy consumption and higher efficiency. That is why MSI produces MAG A650 BN with it. We may sometimes can be disturbed by sounds coming from fans. However, MAG A650 BN needs a cooler like another computer fragment. So, MSI uses 120MM LOW NOISE FAN on it. The fan works silently and does not annoy anything. MSI manufactures it with DC-DC design. It reduces the instability of out voltage and increase stability. MAG A650 BN has OCP, OVP, CSP, OTP protection mechanism. These are for a comprehensive protection. We can look at its connector here:

MAG A650BN Review

MAG A650BN Price

As to its price, we cannot declare its expense as it is sold in nearly every country with different currency, but we know that MSI is one of the best brands which supply us with gaming equipment and computer parts. So, we can say that it is worth its price as MSI uses on it the parts which we mention above and MSI is one of the most trusted brands as to gaming and computers. It is also 5-year limited warranty.


MAG A650BN Test

MAG A650 BN has been tested. MAG A650 BN works silently even in long term as MSI takes advantage of 120MM fan. While being tested, it was realized that its fan sound could not be heard easily, and its fan worked with 1560 RPM. MAG A650 BN has a good stabilization of output voltages owing to DC-DC design. Its cable is proper for power supply and, voltage drops are not large.

We know that every part of computers is important, and they must work responsively each other. If they do not work so, we may have experiences like bottleneck. That is just an example and is know all of us. When we should talk about the most important part, it must be PSU. PSU supplies us with electricity to use computer. Every part of computer is linked to it. It adjusts normal electricity to convenient current for computer. That is why it impacts every component of computer. If we must get a PSU, we should consider MSI MAG A650 BN with 80 PLUS BRONZE CERTIFICATE, 120 MM FAN, its design, and its protection mechanism so that we can use computers generously.