Champion Anivia of League of Legends: Top 2 Reasons She is Worth IT

Champion Anivia of League of Legends: 2 Reasons She is worth it! Champion Anivia is a tank champion in League of Legends. Her main abilities are E Frostbite, Q Flash Frost, and W Crystallize. As an Anivia, she should max out all three of these abilities, which can be done by leveling them up. Luden’s Tempest is a powerful item that will help you deal massive damage in the mixed enemy team. This item can also increase your damage a lot.

Anivia is an immortal elemental made of pure ice. She flies across the frozen fields of League of Legends with a whirlwind of ice. Ice so cold that it damages everything in its path is her primary ability. She has many skins to choose from, including eagle and Team Spirit. Anivia has several cool abilities, and the best way to get the most out of them is to level up your skills.

While Anivia’s active and passive abilities are both extremely useful, they can only be used for so long before they are completely useless in a fight. If Anivia is CC’d too much, she will be rendered useless in a fight, so she needs more tenacity and more ranged damage. But if you’re looking to get the most out of her passive abilities, Anivia is one of the best choices for you.

Reason 1: Breathtaking Skin Designs for Champion Anivia

If you’re looking for the best Anivia skins, then you’ve come to the right place. The first skin on our list is the Papercraft Anivia skin. While it is not the most desirable of the bunch, it is one of the most fun and original designs. It has excellent attack sounds and endless colors. The animations in the Papercraft Anivia skin are also eye-catching. For instance, W places a funny wall of books, while R deploys a huge raft of flying papers. The R and E animations are very similar to the original champion with no major changes.

Papercraft Skin for Anivia on Display

Another example of best skins for Anivia is the Blackfrost Anivia. This is a new champion skin that has a darker in-game design. The new Team Spirit Anivia was released during the Winter Olympics. You can support your country with this one! There are also some legacy skins for this character. You can find all of these and more in the game.

Blackfrost Skin for Anivia on Display

The Festival Queen Anivia skin was released in February 2019 and costs 1350 RP. The Festival Queen Anivia’s design is very colorful, and it’s a fun one. It has a unique in-game model that is eye-catching and fun. If you’re an Anivia, you’ll surely love this Anivia skin. All of these are the best Champion Anivia skins.

Reason 2: Anivia Skin Tier List for League of Legends

The Champion Anivia Skins Tier List is a ranking system for the Anivia skins. It is based on the average of three submitted tier lists. It displays the top ranking on the first page of the list, while the bottom rankings are listed in alphabetical order. To create your own tier list, you must be logged in to the game and publish it on the site. You can view other players’ ranked lists on the main page.

Divine Phoenix Anivia Skin on Display

The newest Anivia skin is the Divine Phoenix, which is gorgeous. While the design is not quite as detailed as some others, it is still a decent option for those looking for a unique Anivia. Cosmic Flight Anivia is another interesting skin, with a galaxy theme, but it is quite pricey at 1350 RP. It looks nice, but it doesn’t really do much for the player.

The Papercraft Champion Anivia skin is a decent choice. The paper angle is clearly seen, but it isn’t as strong as it could be. While the chain of classic design ties several aspects together, it lacks ambition. Overall, however, this skin is a solid option for Anivia, but it isn’t a tier one. That said, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The Hextech Anivia skin is the best looking, but the Prehistoric Anivia skin isn’t as good. Although it has an appealing dinosaur theme, the need for ice doesn’t mesh with the main idea. It’s a solid re-model, but it does add colour to the Anivia. This is a definite “shiny” skin, but the other two are far from spectacular.

The patriotic Anivia skin is one of the best looking skins in League of Legends. But it’s not the best. It’s more of a legacy. The splash art of Champion Anivia looks old, and the in-game model is a little disappointing. Despite her patriotic colors, it’s an OK Anivia skin. Its head has some promise. Unlike the previous two, this one is very good and worth the purchase.

Another good Anivia skin is the Papercraft Anivia, which has decent armour and a paper-themed motif. Its paper theme is very obvious everywhere but the splash art doesn’t really work with the main idea of the skin. Similarly, the Prehistoric Anivia’s in-game model feels like a re-model that omits the main idea. The Anivia skin is a good addition to the game’s tier list.

The Prehistoric Anivia’s colours are brighter, and her egg form is more attractive. The new Pteranodon’s ice angle is unnecessary and adds nothing to the overall theme. The wing feathers are better, but the body feathers feel sketchy. The Prehistoric Anivia’s ice angle doesn’t work. The other tier’s ice angle is conceptually imposed, but it doesn’t affect gameplay.

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